The best of what we are

Thursday, July 14, 2011

                    They say that women are come from a rib of a man which is a fact. And it made people believe that men are superior to women. Before, people use to know that women cannot do things that man can do, they just stay at home doing household chores, as a wife taking care of the children and responsible at home, that’s why women thinks that they do not play an important role in the society, as if they were not exist because they are lower that men. But within this generation most women are sophisticated and well educated than men, some of them are the one who’s working for their family. And now when you look towards our society men and women is considered as equal because almost 60% of the people whose working are women. Most women are successful, some plays an important role in our country, some became a doctor, an attorney and even a president just like the late president Corazon Aquino and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and some brings prestige and honor to our country like Charish Pempengco.

                   Despite of this achievements and attainment, still women’s are under estimated. Some of them are violated and they didn’t even earn respect. And that’s the common problem that our country is facing right now, so we must act and do something about that. We should give importance to our women because they deserve to be treated well. No matter what role we play in this institution. We should fight for our rights and don’t let this things passed for the next generation.


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