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Thursday, July 14, 2011

                    They say that women are come from a rib of a man which is a fact. And it made people believe that men are superior to women. Before, people use to know that women cannot do things that man can do, they just stay at home doing household chores, as a wife taking care of the children and responsible at home, that’s why women thinks that they do not play an important role in the society, as if they were not exist because they are lower that men. But within this generation most women are sophisticated and well educated than men, some of them are the one who’s working for their family. And now when you look towards our society men and women is considered as equal because almost 60% of the people whose working are women. Most women are successful, some plays an important role in our country, some became a doctor, an attorney and even a president just like the late president Corazon Aquino and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and some brings prestige and honor to our country like Charish Pempengco.

                   Despite of this achievements and attainment, still women’s are under estimated. Some of them are violated and they didn’t even earn respect. And that’s the common problem that our country is facing right now, so we must act and do something about that. We should give importance to our women because they deserve to be treated well. No matter what role we play in this institution. We should fight for our rights and don’t let this things passed for the next generation.

tHiNg"s to bE cHerIsh

             “It feels so good to have someone who know how weak and stupid you are at times, and yet still finds you amazing simply because they love you.”

            Growing up with those people you loved and inspires you to do better make you feel special. Knowing that they are always there for you, to support and will guide you all the way. In fact blessed are those people who have their family with them.
            I always thank God for giving me a wonderful that I shared sweet memories with. How nice it is to have the best pair of guardian who gives me advice, correct my mistakes, taught me how to become a better person and for not spoiling me. Its fun to have three (3) brothers who are very protective and who keep on reminding me not to have a boyfriend until I graduate and who keeps on saying not to take my studies for granted. It feels so good to experience a girl bonding with my younger sister and to know that there is someone whom you can tell your secrets and someone who understands you. These are the memories that I really treasured and will remain wherever I go. And I just can’t imagine what “Life” is without them.

My family is the reason why I am giving the best that I can in everything I do because I know it is one way of paying back their hard work and sacrifices. A family who remain standing together through ups and downs, simple living, and full of laughter’s and contented in life is something I can be proud of.       

"Stepping towards reality"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



                Four years ago, we’ve been so afraid, we’ve been so shy and we’ve been so weak. It’s never so long as we try to remember. We find things so hard to step into battles, we even shout at each other, we were like a child and cried on each others shoulders. Things actually run as if nothing changed but then we’ve faced it, for us to grow and we’ve made it to the second year. They say we have to be stronger in the next higher range and they were right because I know the loads were going to get heavy and it’s like losing pieces of a winning card. Year ago, all of us longed to rest but we never surrender from what we call “the test”. We remained in fight and together we risked in order crossing the boarders. Those lights turned day but the prize was worth the pain. From the childhood laughter’s everyday into step towards the reality of our dreams. The happiness and satisfaction we have been waiting for and the fruit for the struggles and challenges we’ve done. And of course a wonderful gift to our parents. As we near the end of our stay in this institution, it is important not only to look forward but also to look back. There are things we will surely miss about this place and the people who have made things great for us. I hope that we could find opportunities by which we can improve our lives and our country. It’s been a long journey, Thank you to Almighty God and to those people who make my life worthwhile.


Do you believe in love?
Do you believe in magic?
Or do you believe that love is magic?

                  There are times that we don’t understand what we feel, happy, sad, lonely,
Anger that made us mad and we even laugh out loud and it’s weird!! Different emotion that made us all look crazy…But it’s natural, especially when we are in love. We suddenly feel strange and we don’t know why. They say that love makes people change in good ways or even in bad terms, the way they do, say and think. Like what our elder often says, that if someone is in love, she can’t eat, sleep, and always look happy, always blushing and nobody can erase the smile in her face.
                   Love is truly magical, it makes things possible for us, and it’s really unbelievable how people find each other in this world full of strangers. Love makes us believe in its fantasy. There are instances that people feel that they are in love without even taking any commitment, it’s really weird!!! You are thinking of someone that you don’t even see ever since. Love can move mountains as what they have said so nothing is impossible when it comes to love. I believe that we are destined to be with somebody else. All we have to do is to wait, wait for the right time. Love moves in mysterious way. It ill come in our most unexpected way, everything happen for a reason, so let it be. What is important is how we are going to deal with it and how we are going to value it.

"Light of my Life"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

 Twinkle, twinkle little star....
  How can i ever forget this lullaby?! The lullaby that my mom use to sing for me every night . I like it every time she calls me "my baby". She makes me feel like a princess, I miss her warm embraced and the way she combs my hair. I still remember those time that we were laughing together, playing together' and eating our favorite food together. I can't imagine how lucky I am to have her in my life , she's always beside me and taking care of me. She's the best mom on earth.
   My mom is my idol and my strength. She's always there, giving me advices whenever I needed most and especially her full support. She taught me how to become a better person and how to be happy. I admire her for being positive every time. No one can ever compare our relationship and the friendship we built.
 She inspires me and show's me what the world means, letting me know what's real from what is not, always reminding me to be a survivor. She told me the difference between good and bad, right or wrong. I owe her a lot. Sometimes we have arguments but eventually it turns into discussions full of laughter's.
    Thank you is not enough for all the hard work and sacrifices, for sending me into school, for the food, for the allowance and for the love that you had given to me.. I must say a million thanks to you. I promise to be good on my studies, not to disappoint you and to be someone you can be proud of..

     Mom I Love You..



I never knew what love was,                            
Until i met you....
It made me stranger that
I don't know what to do....                                

Each time I see the beauty of you,
Makes me fell brand new....
Every second, every minute, no matter 
what I do, all I can see is you,

I'm learning to love you from a distance,
dreaming that someday you will be
beside me....
And I'm beside you asking to like me too....

Is this what  you call love at first sight????
Pls. tell me its true...Co'z I'm contented 
admiring you ....

This is the time to say how much
I adore you, Co'z if I don't,
I know somebody will do....
Oh! Pls. give me the courage
I needed to...

I am now inches away from you...
And ready to tell that I like you...
but wait!!! She holds your hand
and sitting beside you....
Laughing out loud as if no
one sorround's you...

This is my dream, a vision of 
what I use to be...You are
everything to  me, but everything
changed and make me turned into blue....

I found my self running and
blinded with my tears....
It really hurt's, really, really


                                                                   There's no chance for us to be together,
                                                                   Co'z I know your heart belongs to her
                                                                  only HER....

Something you must know about Kim.....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

 Hi I'm Kimberly Rose D. Obidos .!9 yrs. of age.From Rovas City Capiz.Taking up Bus. Administration major in management accountant in Hercor College
 My friends use to call me "kim" for short and sometimes "kimpay".I'm friendly thats why i have anamae, liezl, sherly, diana, nang racquel and many more as my friends..i'm funny, use to hang out with my friends and sometimes going shopping...i know how to sing, dance, and cook..
 Pink, black and white are my fav. colors...I'm a certified fANNEnatics...seeing her in showtime with her own style made me inspire all the time..i like breakfasts...hehe I also found SaRah geronimo and yeng constantino as my idol in terms of singing...
 I enjoy watching local movies such as a very special love, catch me im inlove and babe i love you ...anything that would make me feel  inlove and inspired...
 I do have crush  actually a lot of crush xian lim, ejay falcon. vhong navarro and piolo...

  I hate those people who is not honest, and irresponsible..and the biggest thing you should know about me is that I'm a lady who loves her family soooo much...that I'm willing to give everything to them especially to my parents....

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